How To use An Autoresponder

You know your online business needs autoresponder software. As such, you go and subscribe to a service provider. Suddenly you realize, you have no idea how you should use that subscription you’ve just bought.

So, for all of you who are new to this automation concept, here I list you 7 basic ways you can use the email automation software to bring in sales for your online business.

1. Thank You Message.

You can setup your email marketing software to automatically send out Thank You Messages website visitors that signs your guest book.

2. Acknowledge Form Submission.

If you have an online form on your site, you should then setup your system to send an acknowledgment email. Your visitor is then assured that whatever data in the form submitted is received by you.

3. Newsletter Delivery

Among the best way to market your online business is with Newsletters. Your newsletter delivery automation software can be configured to automatically send out your newsletters at scheduled times.

4. Article Delivery

Many publishers on the net are just hungry for articles. You can setup the article delivery system to send out articles you wrote to any requesting publishers.

5. eCourse Delivery

You are certainly an expert at your online business field. Why not setup an eCourse which is delivered by the eCourse delivery feature in your software?

6. Order Follow Up

After your customers make their orders from your online business, you should then continue making contact with the customer. Configure the order follow-up feature of your subscribed solution to send out a follow up email to that customer.

7. Product Promotion To Mailing List

One of the most important usage of your subscription software is to send product promotions to your mailing list subscribers. Imagine doing this without such automation system. You would probably need a whole lot of time and sweat working on the promotion.

The 7 basic ways mentioned above, if used correctly and strategically will certainly bring in sales into your online business. The best thing about using the said methods, they are relatively low cost. You set them all up once in your autoresponder software and the system runs everything for you automatically.

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