What Motivates You Within Reason

Motivation, what does it mean?

Webster’s New World Dictionary describes it as “an inner drive,or impluse that causes one to act,incentive,incite,or causing of motion.
So what moves you to take the actions that you do everyday? Is it mindful actions, or is it just routine.. done simply out of habit because this is how you’ve always done things?

Question…how’s that working for you? Wikipedia says motivation is the driving force which help causes us to achieve goals. If you are not satisfied with the direction in which your life is going, why not get motivated? Find the thing that you most desire, to have, do, or be and let it get you moving. Make sure that it is not just “reasons”.. we’ve all heard the “what is your reasons why” mantra.
But if your reasons why are not moving you to actions…to actually accomplish, then they are not strong enough to make the goal. Or your reasons may cause you to act out of a sense of obligation or duty,(chores) more than actually motivate you to success. It may even bring with it a sense of responsibility that you may feel like you can’t live up to or just don’t have the energy for.. ie. failure.

Reason according to Webster’s is “an explanation of an act or idea” and I might add “your why”. But motivation causes you to act upon that idea.
Reason also is the ability to think and draw conclusions. So reason and motivation is relative in that if your reasons are strong you will be moved to action.

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What’s In Between Thinking Saying and Doing?

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Are there blank spaces in between your thinking, saying, and doing?
For those of us that believe in the law of attraction or at least repeat that we do, this is a very important question. We all know that having a disconnect in this process gets us nothing. First off our thinking on whatever it is we want has to be on a consciencous level, especially starting out. I mean are you going to think this one thought only one time and that’s it?..And WahLah!! you’ve made it to your promise land! I don’t think so Sherlock. Think again. This is going to take some serious cerebral stimulation, you got to keep your brain focused on what it is you want. Can’t be jumping all over the place and changing your mind. Can you say”confusion”? So that leads us into the fact that you need to really know what you really want *first…this makes it a bit easier to keep your thoughts focused.

And might I suggest that if you are fresh at doing this sort of thing just think on one small something at a time. Here’s a little forgotten tip that takes us into the next step, the more focused you become the more clarity is revealed and your brain starts to fill up with the thoughts you are thinking and prompts your tongue to speak.

Just like you were on auto-pilot. You start saying what you’re thinking,and I mean out loud. Saying it to yourself, saying it to folks you know, and saying it to anybody who will listen. Probably saying it to some who could care less and wish you’d shut up about it. But you can’t help yourself cause your brain is so full up of thinking it you have to say it to get it out! Now here is where the real manifestation occurs. We think in pictures not words, but when we speak the words (or the names of our pictures) Our brain then begins to prompt us into doing. That’s a pretty neat trick huh?

The doing part has to do with you doing all that your brain is suggesting  to you and all you know to do towards making what you want come to fruition. As you do so, opportunities, people, resources, money, gifts, you name it…it comes, all so you can have the thing you’re thinking on, saying and doing. Yeah you’re all that and then some,creative and powerful and wonderful. Haven’t you ever heard this? “I praise you because I am reverently and wonderfully made” Ps.139:14 well now you have.

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Relationship Shapes

Keith Ferrazzi, I love this guy, he’s a master at relationship building tecnhiques watch listen and take heed! You Can’t Get There Alone!

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The Right Pathway

In what direction is your path to success leading you? Until you find the path that is right for you,true success will elude you. If you’re not doing what resonates with who you are and what you are about, it will be difficult to acquire your objectives and to reach your target goals. Even if you are able to get to a certain level on the wrong path,trying to maintain that level can become frustrating and seem overwhelming. The life or lifestyle you desire should be taken into account as to the pathway you walk. We sometimes waste too much time doing the right things on the wrong path, you will recognize this by not really getting anywhere, even though you are doing all you know to do. It is now time to stop and take a good long look at whether or not this is something you should be doing. Now I am not talking about jumping ship after only a few weeks or so..but if after 6 months to a year you haven’t noticed any measurable results from your efforts, then it’s time to take stock!

You don’t want to remain in a situation or on a path that will eventually cause you to give up completely! It could be just a matter of getting support from someone who actually knows you and has a bit of insight as to what you are good at. One of the most telling truths to help you gain your right path is to figure out what you are either passionate about or discern what natural abilities and gifts you possess. Doing this will keep you from going against the grain and be a lot easier for you to succeed since the path you take will be from a natural flow or extension out of your own talents and passions. I am strictly speaking about what you do naturally not so much on what you might like to do, although if you’ve had a desire to learn to do a particular thing for quite a while maybe for as long as you can remember, it may be that you have a natural affinity for it, in that case go for it! We all learn by trial and error that’s how we really become experienced.. by doing. Something may look good on paper ( theory ) But doing is where the rubber meets the road.

Finding your unique pathway will bring a new freshness to your life, for then you will have motive and purpose. Your gifts will make room for you, and enlarge the lifestyle you are building so that your success comes easily effortlessly.

Shirley Matta
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Planning for Success

Planning…what is it? Planning is preparing a sequence of action steps to achieve some specific goal.Planning is selecting priorities and results of  (goals, objectives, etc.) and how those results will be achieved.  typically includes identifying goals, objectives,as well as the methods,and resources needed to carry out your plan.
To achieve your goals of success in your business you must plan how to make it happen.
And planning helps to make things happen.

You can”t ‘do’ a goal . Instead you have to do the things that enable you to reach your goal  – usually that’s several things,done in several steps over a set period of time.

A goal without a plan remains just a goal – many people have visions, intentions, ideas, dreams which never happen, because they are not planned.

And so they may become frustrated and give up. Just having a  simple plan, beginning with a clear goal, and an outline of what will make your goal happen is really all you will need to start. Good plans tend to include:# A clearly defined aim or target.
# Linked steps That are relevant to reaching your goal(because you want to stay focused)   – resources, actions, knowledge, etc
#The plan must be  achievable within a set time.

* Monitor the execution of your plan and review it regularly. Ask yourself questions….like…. How much have I progressed towards my goal  now? What new information have I gotten since implementing my plan? Are there steps that I need to add or remove? You can Use this information to  adjust and optimize your plan. So that you are working effectively all the time.

A plan is like a map. When following a plan, you can always see how much you have progressed towards your project goal and how far you are from your destination. Knowing where you are is essential for making good decisions on where to go or what to do next.

One more reason why you need planning is something called the 80/20 Rule. It is well established that for unstructured activities 80 percent of the effort give less than 20 percent of the valuable outcome. You either spend much time on deciding what to do next, or you are taking many unnecessary, unfocused, and inefficient steps. So having a plan of action is crucial. You should Take time to write down a plan of action.

How to write an action plan

When writing an action plan to achieve a particular goal or outcome,there are a few steps you can take….  .

* Clarify your goal. Can you get a visual picture of the expected outcome? How can you see if you have reached your destination? What will make your goal measurable? What constraints do you have, like the limits on time, money, or other resources.

* Write a list of actions. Write down all actions you may need to take to achieve your goal. At this step focus on generating and writing as many different options and ideas as possible. Take a sheet of paper and write more and more ideas, just as they come to your mind.

* Analyze, prioritize, and prune. Look at your list of actions. What are the absolutely necessary and effective steps to achieve your goal? Mark these steps.  After that, what action items can be dropped from the plan without significant consequences for the outcome. Cross those out.

* Organize your list into a plan. Decide on the order of your action steps. Start from looking at your marked key actions. For each action, what other steps should be completed before that action? Rearrange your actions and ideas into a sequence of ordered action steps. Finally, look at your plan once again. Are there any ways to simplify it even more?

Once you have identified your action steps and resources you can then prepare a schedule,  set priorities and begin working your plan.A plan should be simple, clear, flexible and continuous.
Now you’re set to succeed!!

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Getting Your PC To Run Faster

When I think of the time I wasted sitting like a stone figure in front of my computer – not knowing there was a way to resolve the endless waiting for the screen to load – I’m really wondering how much further ahead I would be in my internet business if I had heard about using PC RunFaster sooner.

I realize now that registry cleaners and spyware removal programs are really only a small part of what’s necessary to really keep my computer running consistently better. They are a quick fix that simply leads to other expenses – and more down time!

The PC RunFaster video tutorials not only walked me right through the steps I needed, but I could watch them whenever I wanted – whenever I had time to do the simple steps. Watching each training video was like looking right over the shoulder of someone coaching me on my own computer.

I know there are other ebooks and PDF’s and any number of blog sites where I could spend countless hours trying to figure it out – but I don’t see anything on the internet that compares with the thorough training of these videos. Thanks Earl and Matt – for creating PC RunFaster for all of us to use.

Shirley Matta
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How To use An Autoresponder

You know your online business needs autoresponder software. As such, you go and subscribe to a service provider. Suddenly you realize, you have no idea how you should use that subscription you’ve just bought.

So, for all of you who are new to this automation concept, here I list you 7 basic ways you can use the email automation software to bring in sales for your online business.

1. Thank You Message.

You can setup your email marketing software to automatically send out Thank You Messages website visitors that signs your guest book.

2. Acknowledge Form Submission.

If you have an online form on your site, you should then setup your system to send an acknowledgment email. Your visitor is then assured that whatever data in the form submitted is received by you.

3. Newsletter Delivery

Among the best way to market your online business is with Newsletters. Your newsletter delivery automation software can be configured to automatically send out your newsletters at scheduled times.

4. Article Delivery

Many publishers on the net are just hungry for articles. You can setup the article delivery system to send out articles you wrote to any requesting publishers.

5. eCourse Delivery

You are certainly an expert at your online business field. Why not setup an eCourse which is delivered by the eCourse delivery feature in your software?

6. Order Follow Up

After your customers make their orders from your online business, you should then continue making contact with the customer. Configure the order follow-up feature of your subscribed solution to send out a follow up email to that customer.

7. Product Promotion To Mailing List

One of the most important usage of your subscription software is to send product promotions to your mailing list subscribers. Imagine doing this without such automation system. You would probably need a whole lot of time and sweat working on the promotion.

The 7 basic ways mentioned above, if used correctly and strategically will certainly bring in sales into your online business. The best thing about using the said methods, they are relatively low cost. You set them all up once in your autoresponder software and the system runs everything for you automatically.

Looking for a reliable bulk email marketing campaign solution? Allow me to help you choose one for your business. Read the 10 Essential Functions Of An AutoResponder EMail Marketing System.

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